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Jarryd Killian

Jarryd Killian

CFA, Investment Portfolio Manager

After some time working for institutional money managers with thousands of employees, I started to feel my career would be much more fulfilling if I worked at a place where I could have a greater impact on the company and its clients. Since joining the firm at the end of 2019, Coombe, Bender & Co. has given me an opportunity to satisfy my intellectual curiosity, the freedom and support to make important decisions, and a chance to serve clients in a community I care deeply about. I am excited at the prospect of going to work every day.

As an assistant portfolio manager my role primarily involves monitoring and investing assets to help our clients meet their long-term goals. I am always looking to learn and improve my craft, and am a CFA charterholder (Chartered Financial Analyst), having earned the designation in 2021. I also understand that individuals have different goals, risk tolerances, and levels of financial education. I aim to understand a clients’ entire background, provide education if desired, and ultimately deliver peace of mind. To me, serving the clients of Coombe, Bender & Co. is a privilege and I look forward to earning, and keeping, your trust.

In addition to studying financial markets I enjoy learning about human nature and what drives (an individual’s) decision making. I am also a member of the Ulster County Beekeepers’ Association and enjoy other activities that connect me with nature, notably hiking in the Catskills. I have gone white water rafting, taken a course on scuba diving, gone spelunking in Tennessee, and hope to skydive for the first time soon!