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Alan Coombe

Alan Coombe

Chief Operations Officer

I have been with Coombe, Bender & Company since 2011.  After attaining my Cornell BS degree in ’09 I spent 2 introductory years of sales-trading and brokerage experience in Manhattan where I gathered series 7, 63, and 55 licenses to work, broker, and trade for clients in the financial industry.  The transition to Coombe, Bender & Co. was natural, as it was a move in with family after having learned the industry away.  My professional expertise would now pair with seamless personal relationships.    The experiences on a Manhattan trading desk provided flashbulb memories and lessons that have affected my character and will transfer throughout my career.

Solving puzzles is my passion and Finance is not lacking in opportunity.  As, now COO of an asset management firm, I am regularly responsible for deciphering novel challenges.  No news or client call is identical and each requires their own interpretation and personal touch.  I enjoy bridging the gap between difficult and done so I can enjoy the satisfying relief that it gives to others.  Our office staff and resources are here to serve our clients and I am proud to ensure that we do so with professionalism, comfort, and understanding.

I live in Ellenville and enjoy time with my wife, Beata and 2 loving children, Aurelia and Alexander.  To be active I play golf, to be creative I renovate, and to be competitive I play chess.  My 6 year old Labradoodle knows that fresh air is good for the soul, so Jace plays fetch with me.