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Partners in Financial Success

The financial planning experience of our firm provides individuals, business owners, trustees, executors and others, with a number of important advantages:

Portfolio Management:

  • Establishment of clear objectives and a plan of action
  • Professional management at reasonable rates
  • Ongoing surveillance of portfolio and plan results to achieve long term goals
  • Continual search for new superior mutual funds and investment vehicles
  • Detailed portfolio reporting
  • Personal and responsive service

Planning for Retirement and other Goals:

  • Establishment of clear objectives for retirement age/date and plans throughout
  • Detailed analysis of current and expected incomes, including pensions, retirement plans, social security and other sources
  • Discussion about current and long range expenses, health care needs, structuring and titling of assets and strategies to efficiently use and protect them.
  • Discussion of Social Security income and strategies to maximize benefits
  • Creation of retirement cash flow and asset utilization scenarios based on various retirement dates, social security beginning ages and other factors.  
  • Recommendations for adjusting current saving and spending habits to meet retirement goals.
  • Periodic monitoring of progress and recalculating of retirement projections as necessary

Guidance and Assistance with Life Transitions:

  • Transitioning from work to retirement, including assistance with pension distribution forms and retirement plan rollovers to IRA if appropriate.
  • Coordination with other members of the client's team, such as attorneys, CPAs and family members
  • Assistance and guidance with transferring assets upon the death of a spouse, parent or other family member
  • Discussions about beneficiaries