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Investment Philosophy

We take pride in knowing our clients and understanding as much as possible about their financial position.  Cash flow requirements, income tax considerations, and risk tolerance are integral to designing and managing investment portfolios.  This is our primary focus.  We utilize equity, exchange traded fund and mutual fund databases and other quality research media to select and monitor securities.  We believe in a buy and hold philosophy for the core of a portfolio, with tactical adjustments to account for US and global market and economic changes.  Mutual fund and exchange traded fund managers are selected for their historical risk-adjusted performance and we look for funds that match the needs of the client, carry low expense ratios, and perform well in both up and down markets.  Stocks are selected for their overall financial strength, earnings outlooks, price to earnings ratio, growth potential within their respective industry and dividend yield.  As investment advisors, we are compensated by fee only and not by commission.

An investment aptitude questionnaire is employed to assist in formulating investment objectives with the client.  Asset allocation depends heavily on these objectives and weightings among cash, bonds and equities will vary from time to time.  Importance is placed on flexibility where portfolio alterations can be made quickly if objectives or circumstances change.  Ongoing surveillance of the portfolio assures that our clients’ objectives continue to be met.