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About CB&C

After 20 plus years of working exclusively with mutual funds as the investment of choice for our clients, we now have created an investment platform that encompasses all investment vehicles while providing active portfolio management, better control over income tax decisions and comprehensive quarterly reports.

As you know our advice over the years has been focused on those mutual fund managers that stand apart from their peers in terms of performance, cost, tax efficiency, etc. American funds, Putnam, Franklin Templeton, PIMCO and others for the most part have been used successfully in our practice since 1984. To be sure, there were some periods of underperformance particularly during the later 1990s through 2004.

The two most recent bear markets (2000-2003 and 2008-?), forced us to rethink how we can best serve our clients in the future. Using only mutual funds as an investment tool limits our ability to react swiftly in volatile markets and leaves the investment decisions to fund managers that do not know you personally. More importantly, we are unable to take advantage of specific opportunities in other investment vehicles like individual stocks and bonds, no-load mutual funds, and exchange traded funds on a timely basis.

After the last market drop (48%) in 2000-2002, we began research to develop a method that would more effectively deliver our investment management and advice where the majority of the decisions regarding the underlying investments remained at our office. One of the ideas was to create our own mutual fund where the purchase and sale of investment securities could be handled by Cathy and me. This would be a good solution however one shoe does not fit all. Moreover, the expenses associated with establishing and maintaining a mutual fund make this option prohibitive. Instead, by "sub-contracting" the custodian services to a specific custodian, we have developed five "Coombe, Bender Folios" of investment securities with each folio managed in accordance with a risk objective. They range from a capital preservation folio to an aggressive folio. Most clients would fit into the balanced objective where nearly 50% consists of fixed income securities (bonds, money market). Decisions regarding the investments within each folio are made by us providing more control over taxable distributions and market volatility. These folios can be used for regular and IRA accounts as well as 403(b), SIMPLE IRA and other retirement plan accounts. We are compensated by fee only rather than commissions, as has been the case with your mutual funds. With folios, we "unbundle" the cost so you can see exactly how we are compensated.